Elephone U Pro: smartphone with flagship filling and low price


Elephone company regularly updates its lineup of smartphones and always follows the trends by keeping track of what is currently fashionable in the market. The recent monitoring has become the latest smartphone U Pro is positioned as the flagship, and, in fact, really is. He looks respectively, and the filling has a decent.

The online shop GearBest kindly provided us with test at the top included Elephone U Pro with maximum RAM and simply black color. Also available is a version in dark blue version, but here is a question of personal preference. Now the challenge before us is to ascertain whether or not the smartphone of their money, and whether or not he has the right to be called the flagship.



People meet on clothes, and gadgets – packing. The smartphone Elephone U Pro came to us in a black box made of cardboard with a very minimalist design – this is an obvious attempt to copy similar solutions from Samsung and other AAA brands, and this attempt is quite successful.

The top box cover is decorated only in red the logo of Elephone, and below is a brief list of specifications and technical information, a standard user does not need. Almost all of the data given in Chinese.

Total, the style of packaging designed for “five” plus, and here for informative put “three” with a big drawback: no photos of the smartphone, nor the detailed list of specs, and given the fact that the smartphone can be bought only in China, look for all these information about it is likely to have in the Chinese segment of the Internet, or at the same GearBest.



At the time of writing the cost of the smartphone Elephone U Pro was exactly $440 if you order in the store. For these relatively considerable for Russia, given the current exchange rate, the money we can count on the advanced package.

Well, in a way, Elephone U Pro up to these expectations: in the box with him is branded a cover-bumper, special protective film, repeating a curved shape of the front panel, and USB-C connector for headphones, as the entrance to 3.5 mm smartphone not. But do headphones put, although this is a cheap accessory.

Also a mystery was left the choice of color of accessories: the smartphone is black or blue, but the charging USB cable and headphone adapter in light gray. By the way, here charger has a European plug and multiple modes of operation. Manual supplied is in English. In the bonus clip to open the tray SIM-cards.



As mentioned above, the characteristics Elephone U Pro on the box provided in an extremely compressed form and in the instructions either. To find the list in GearBest, and the following squeeze out of it.

– screen: AMOLED, Gorilla Glass, 6-inch, Full HD+, 10 simultaneous touches;

– processor: Qualcomm 660, 8 cores, 2.2 GHz;

– graphics: integrated Adreno 512;

– memory: 6 GB RAM, 128 GB ROM, microSD up to 128 GB;

interface: 2xSIM, microSD, USB C;

– wireless interfaces: GPS, GLONASS, LTE, 3G, GSM, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 n, FM;

– battery: 3550 mAh;

– OS: Android Oreo 8, Google Material UI;

– camera: primary 13+13 MP front 8 MP;

features: fingerprint reader, rear panel glass, a face detection.


From this list it becomes clear that the Elephone U Pro – it’s not quite the flagship because it has the Qualcomm 6xx series, which are used in smartphones average. The rest of the specs are quite top-end and special note is the native support of mobile networks, 4G or LTE Band 20.



Came to us black version Elephone U Pro. The smartphone looks like 90% of flagships 2017 and 2018, but most in resemblance to Samsung S8 and S9 Samsun – apparently, they were drawn to its design. A lot of identical solutions, and even body shape are very similar.

But that’s exactly Elephone U Pro plus and not a minus, as the phone looks, frankly, gorgeous. The front and back of his body is covered with reinforced glass Gorilla glass, which immediately triggers a sense of cost and plastic findings under the wireless antenna here generally invisible, that causes the impression of solidity of the hull.

Gaps between the elements there, but all just fine and sits in its place. Below you can see the grille of the microphone and the main speaker, and a USB-C charging, the top is a second MIC for noise cancellation next to the tray for SIM-card and to the right at the end there are volume buttons and the inclusion. Left side face is empty.

Front almost the entire area occupied by the screen – its frame has a minimum thickness and black color is generally indistinguishable, and above it there is a camera for selfies, information led, standard sensors, and the earpiece. The bottom face contains nothing – the control buttons are virtual. Screen, note, rounded at the sides.

The back panel is given over to the fingerprint scanner and dual main camera module. There is also a double flash and the manufacturer logo.




Elephone U Pro has an elongated body, due to what very well lies in the palm of any size, including women and children. However, the rear glass panel and glass side face pose high risk to drop the device and break it down: during the test, the cell phone three times trying to get away, but these attempts were foiled. To avoid this, use the case supplied, the more he spoils the appearance of the smartphone. The case itself is, of course, very quickly covered with fingerprints and the bad is cleared away.

The curved screen and minimal side of the screen the Elephone U Pro regularly lead to accidental touches of the sensor, and there’s no escape. Samsung S8 and S9, too, suffer from this disease, and it can only be cured with the help of the mentioned case. Control buttons take up minimal space on the screen and disappear without disturbing the content. It is very convenient, unlike a missing entry under the headphones is a very big drawback, because not everyone needs a wireless headset, and no one wants to use the adapter, the more gray color.

The location of the thumbprint scanner issues have arisen: despite the fact that he was placed close to the camera module, to miss it is impossible, and the size of it is quite adequate, even for people with large fingers.



Display Elephone U Pro is based on the matrix AMOLED, which is immediately evident on some of acidity colors – it is very bright, and colors too saturated. Fortunately, the smartphone has a built-in application in the very setting of color, so this is not a problem.

The viewing angles of the display is maximized: screen do not fade under any angles, except that the black color is one tone lighter, but no more. Selanovtsi common to many OLED panels at extreme angles, including Apple iPhone X, here not shown.

Touch layer is always correctly handles touch, without errors and delays. However, accidental contact due to the shape of the screen and thin side part is, as mentioned above. The number of simultaneous touches to be processed is 10, and it’s even too much, since none of the popular gestures does not require the use of such a number of fingers.

In the end, the screen Elephone U Pro made a very good impression, plus not to mention that in the sun it is quite readable – brightness backlight slept with the stock.



The Elephone U Pro uses a very loud main speaker located on the bottom. It produces crystal clear sound without any wheezing and high and medium frequency, besides, there are certain hints of bass. Sounds a nice phone, but the manufacturer did not think to make the stereo sound, even though in the public sector from Xiaomi for $200 it already is. In other words, when playing audio front speaker is not activated.

And speaking of frontlinie he Elephone U Pro on “four”, if you evaluate the volume level. For the conversations in the room it is enough, but in the car or on the street the other person would hear mediocre. At the same time, the purity of the sound pleasing.

A pair of microphones provide reliable protection against noise even in the city, but the wind here a bit limp. On a scale of five the microphones can be evaluated on a 4+ the sound is clear, without obvious interference, and loud enough. Companion 90% of the time it sounds like it is in the immediate vicinity.


The camera

The Elephone U Pro has three cameras: 8 MP front and 13+13 MP main. Front camera makes great selfies day and in the beginning dusk, and adequately refers to bright artificial light in the room. Your flash it’s not, because night-time pictures and videos consist largely of noise and artifacts.

The main camera works equally well both day and night – autofocus is triggered instantly, and the white balance on auto settings also no problem.

Very good smartphone portrait mode shooting with background blur, but Full HD videos he writes mediocre – the picture is good, but the lack of optical stabilization definitely takes a toll. However, if you shoot with a tripod or stabilizer, the quality is will surprise you.

Also note the different camera interface – everything is simple and clear, all settings are in place.


The fingerprint scanner and face recognition

Elephone U Pro can be password protected, pin-code or graphical code, and also the modern – dactyloscopus and recognition. the fingerprint Scanner in the smartphone complaints is not called: works quickly, detects your finger 9 times out of 10, and can even identify the owner with wet hands. It is to the touch, almost instantly. The only negative: the screen after unlocking is included, though with small, but still with a noticeable delay.

Facial meets the front facing camera. The function works by day, at dusk and under artificial light, and the smartphone can be kept at different angles – you don’t have to place it on the same line as the face. Unlocking is as quick, as in the case of dactyloscopy, but, alas, after it, and still have to drag your finger across the screen from the bottom up, which is not very convenient. Exactly the same works the Apple iPhone X.


Software and memory

Elephone U Pro runs on Android 8 Oreo with the UI Material UI, although slightly modified. Added new icons, menu of programs is called swipe up, plus there are a couple of other chips, such as the ability to choose not only the order of the buttons, but also their design and background color.

There are features that are not found in other devices, for example, a virtual button, which you can position anywhere on the sides of the screen, pressing which will open the folder of commonly used functions. To use quite comfortable, by the way.

In General, the firmware of Elephone U Pro works very fast – no lag and microflow, but there is a possibility of fine tuning and even the ability to install third-party launchers. Access to Google Play is also available. But external software almost no. And it would be great if not for two unfortunate nuance.

First, the OS the Elephone U Pro has many inaccuracies of translation, but if the updates (which at the time of testing were as many as three) in the description are all represented as characters. Even there is no duplication in English, which is frustrating – who knows what lurks beneath those squiggles. However, all three updates were installed, and the brick smartphone turned.

The second drawback is a problem when you connect your smartphone to Windows-based computers 7: after hours of dancing with a tambourine it was not identified as removable media, although I tested it on four different PCs.

It is possible to allocate and the third defect: the firmware seems easy, but takes up 14 gigabytes of disk space and to clean it without rooting will not work.

Check Dr. Web with fresh databases of malware in the composition of the Elephone U Pro is not revealed.



6 gigabytes smartphone Elephone U Pro enough with the head, and he doesn’t unload the application from memory. The system boots in a minute from pressing the power button and does not slow down, even if there are multiple RAM heavy programs. The smartphone has stood four Navigator in memory a browser with five tabs open – none of this was unloaded.

The smartphone was tested in the benchmark AnTuTu, GeekBench, and 3D Mark pack Sling Shot. The first result was 139274 points in GeekBench, he earned 5807 and 1631 points in multi-core and single-core modes, respectively, while gaming benchmark 3D Mark showed 2062 points. The vast majority of video games opportunities Elephone U Pro enough.


Work offline

But in terms of battery life smartphone Elephone U Pro, frankly, not pleased: in the standard mode of operation, its enough for only one day, from approximately 7 am to 11 PM. Yes, by today’s standards, it’s quite a norm, but would like more.

While charging the smartphone is almost not warmed. From the regular memory he made up some of the energy of a little less than two hours is a great result for a smartphone from China, and a greater desire not.

Note that the charging during operation is heated significantly, although overheating it is still far away. It has three modes: 5V/2A, 9V/2A and 12V+1.5 A, and by simple calculations we get that its capacity is 18 watt. Bad, very bad.



In General, the smartphone Elephone U Pro makes a good impression for your money, the device is quite bad, and it can be considered the equivalent of a modern flagships, if you close your eyes on Qualcomm 6xx series. If you need productive a good looking gadget, but if there is no desire to pay hundreds of dollars for flagships from Samsung, Elephone U Pro for $440 is a great option.

Judging by how regularly this Android smartphone come the updates, the manufacturer will continue to monitor the relevance of its firmware, and the performance it will last for another two years at least.



Pros Elephone U Pro

– stylish design;

– frameless screen;

– good performance;

– a lot of memory;

– face detection;

– good equipment;

is a great camera.


Cons Elephone U Pro

– some inaccuracies in the translation of the firmware;

glass easily soiled case.


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