Elena Letuchaya found in the Voronezh hospital mold and cockroaches


Елена Летучая нашла в воронежской больнице плесень и тараканов

The journalist in shock, patients in desperation, the Ministry of health requires written requests, and the physician says that “everything is clean”.

An unexpected result was the lecture on journalism, read on the eve of the well-known TV presenter Elena Fly to Voronezh University.
Show completely… after Hearing complaints from local residents on the poor condition of the city hospital, leading immediately went checking and found the dominance of unsanitary conditions and poor condition of the equipment. Medical authorities failed to promptly comment on the situation

Lecture Flying in the Voronezh economic-legal Institute was devoted to modern trends in journalism and traditionally ended with a dialogue with the audience. Several students drew attention to the poor condition of the Voronezh hospitals, and directly from the audience Volatiles left in the Voronezh city clinical hospital № 2. No security, no administration in place was not, and everyone proceeded smoothly straight into the chamber to the patient.

Seen in the hospital shocked even seasoned journalist. Mattresses, filled with bodily fluids, leaky stools, mold on the walls and swarms of cockroaches in the chambers were immediately recorded on video. Patients also complained about the lack of heating, broken lights in the toilets and broken shower. Moreover, in such conditions, forced to lie not only recovering, but even patients emerging from surgery.

“Today there was an unusual case. At the master class the girl complained about the unsanitary conditions in the hospital. I was hurt. I had time and I went to make sure. Yes, the old hospital. But that does not excuse the dirt and those awful mattresses. I immediately submitted: and suddenly there’d be my mother (I any problem always try on themselves). It’s horrible here. And every time they tell me that not enough funding, I understand that it’s just excuses: the funding of the financing, but you can take the initiative just to wash it all down. Unfortunately, the attitude of the people in our country that is. Let’s change something, finally. Change in our minds first and foremost. After all, the workplace is like home. Especially if we are talking about working with people. Especially with patients. And it turns out, was operated and you can send in the dirt, to cockroaches? Saw the wall in mold? A man came to the hospital with one disease and leave with another. I hope that today’s sudden visit to the hospital will push to ensure that the Department of health drew attention to this clinic. Hope will respond and at least be washed and will hold disinfestation, and the sick, the elderly will be in very different conditions,” — said Elena Volatile in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Appeared in the course of the audit, the acting chief physician of hospital № 2 Sergey Tokarev has exacerbated the situation. He immediately said that cockroaches in his possession was planted is unknown, and all claims are far-fetched and unfounded. “I went to the toilet before leaving. Everything was clean. No roaches, I have never seen. But if still some problem is what we understand. Be sure to put things in order, replace the mattresses. Just give me time”, — promised the Tokarev.

Took a time-out and parent organizations. The press service of the Federal Ministry of health online to comment on a situation could not, inviting reporters to make a written request. According to published on the official website of the Ministry of information, “responses to requests are provided within 7 days (in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On mass media”, article 40) both in written and oral form.”

Senior Advisor to the General Department of health Department of Voronezh region Oksana Kozlova, to which journalists were forwarded the press service, has also offered to send a written request. According to her, all the answers will have to give the acting chief physician of hospital Sergey Tokarev, but when it happens, to clarify failed.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank is seriously discussing the issue of possible shutdown of health facilities from funding from the Fund of mandatory medical insurance in the case that the quality of services to patients is questionable. This is supposed to enter the public ranking of hospitals on quality of care, training of specialists, equipment clinics and other important indicators.

“With the clinic, which occupies very low position in ranking, the insurer can terminate the contract on payment and provision of medical care OMS — it will give it an additional lever of influence on unscrupulous clinics,” — specify “Vedomosti”.


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