Electronic passports for residents of Russia plans to introduce in 2022


Электронные паспорта для жителей России планируют ввести в 2022 году

The transition to electronic passports in Russia may take place in 2022. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“We will move very carefully and to focus on the desires of the people. I think that in 2022 we will be ready,” he said, adding that this is the approximate deadline. The design and type of electronic passports, which will become the ID of the person in the digital world, are now discussed.

According to Akimova, the passport will be similar to a Bank card: “This is a plastic chip”. The e-passport will contain information on driver license, residence permit, social security number and other data. Deputy Prime Minister added that the ideal e-passport can be a mobile application with which it will be possible to use any services from payment to insurance, to receive any government services.

It is worth Recalling that Russia is now a growing movement advocating the rejection of official documents and the digitalization of society. Among the adherents of colorresolve of stringbean — known hockey player Pavel Datsyuk. He had previously sent a letter to Vladimir Putin with a request to cancel the law reforming the system SNILS.

Datsyuk reminded that instead of cards SNILS citizens will be assigned e-numbers that will actually be the key to all the data of a person in the public databases. According to hockey, the new law is a threat to national security because digitization is subjected to the entire population, including the army, police and intelligence agencies.

According to him, such letters write tens of thousands of Russians who are concerned for the future of their children and loved ones. Award-winning hockey player referred to one of the Abbot’s Sredneuralskaya convent of chiyoumen Sergius, who strongly condemns attempts by the state to give the citizens any room. The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church has repeatedly said that abandoning the “personal code”, expressed in numbers of electronic documents, people try to protect their privacy.


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