Elections in the Czech Republic Zeman was re-elected for a second term


На выборах в Чехии Земана переизбрали на второй срокMilos Heman won the election.

73-year-old Czech President Milos Zeman occupies the Pro-Russian stance, has achieved re-election for a second term. In the second round of elections which took place on Friday and Saturday he claimed victory over the opposition candidate, former President of the National Academy of Sciences Jiri Dragos. After counting 96% of the vote Zeman scored being 52.12%, while his opponent — 47,88%.

Jiri Dragos has already accepted his defeat, congratulated the incumbent President and wished him “strength and health”.

Note that in comparison with the first round of elections the voters showed to vote higher interest. The turnout was more than 65%, higher than in the previous presidential election.

According to Reuters, Zeman was supported by the voters in small towns, while for Dragos voted mostly residents of large cities.

На выборах в Чехии Земана переизбрали на второй срок

Although in the first round Zeman and defeated the rival with a difference of 12% (38% vs 26%), many participants of the presidential race have called on their voters to support in the second round of Dragos.

Despite the fact that the Czech Republic is a parliamentary Republic and the powers of the President in the country is limited, Zeman has recently attracted the attention of international companies. His statements often are contrary to the policy of the Czech government and the principles of the European Union.

For example, Zeman does not hide his anti-Islamist views and warm relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Czech President calls for lifting of international sanctions against Russia and offers to legitimize the annexation of Crimea by paying compensation Ukraine.


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