Ekaterina Osadchaya showed the family idyll with her husband and son


A family enjoying a holiday in Turkey.

TV presenter Kateryna Osadcha, which in the swimsuit boasted harmony continues to enjoy a holiday in Turkey, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to TSN.

On the page in Instagram celebrity has shown how spending time on vacation with her husband, leading Yuri Gorbunov and their small son Ivan. Catherine shared her family photographs, which walks with the family, and also showed how Humpbacks swam with the baby.

“That time, when else can post a photo of Ivan. Even some a few years and tell them to cut. And yet, it’s our summer 2019, cheerful, warm and when 24/7 together”, — signed photo of Osadchaya.

However, the leading followers asked where her eldest son and why she doesn’t post photos with him. Someone from the fans of the star answered that in one of the posts Osadchaya told me that her eldest son Elijah asked a stellar mother not to post his picture, because they do not want popularity.

Osadchaya saw that post and confirmed it: “It’s true”.


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