Egg shells — great source of calcium


Скорлупа яиц — идеальный источник кальция

There is a strong opinion that the chicken eggshell is very useful. Someone even crushes and drinks like vitamins. Scientists have long confirmed that it is the ideal source of calcium that is easily absorbed by the body.

By the way, in ancient medical reference in the healing of many mixtures are referred to as components of a chicken egg with the shell or one shell. The Hungarian doctor, Krompecher with a group of physicians and biologists interested in the health properties of the eggshell.

As you know, lack of calcium, especially in bone, is one of the most common metabolic disorders. Is rickets and abnormal growth of teeth in children, spinal curvature and bad teeth, bone fragility in the elderly. Disorder of calcium metabolism is often accompanied by anemia, susceptibility to colds, allergies, herpes on the lips, lowering resistance to radiation. The women in this are added leucorrhea, weakness, contractions, atony of the muscles of the uterus. To rectify metabolic calcium is difficult, as applied to medicine drugs — calcium chloride, gypsum, chalk is poorly absorbed by the body.

Studies of Hungarian doctors showed that shell eggs, consisting of 90% calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate), just to digest easily. While it contains all the essential minerals for the body: copper, fluoride, iron, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, sulfur, zinc, silicon and others — a total of 27 items! It is particularly important a significant content of silicon and molybdenum these elements are extremely poor, our daily food, but they are absolutely necessary for the normal course of biochemical reactions in the body.

The composition of eggshell strikingly coincides with the composition of bones and teeth and, moreover, stimulates hematopoietic function of bone marrow, which is especially valuable in terms of radiation damage.

Introduction in food crushed shell chicken eggs showed its high therapeutic activity and absence of any side effects, including bacterial infection. The same cannot be said about the shell duck eggs, which is often infected, and to apply the.

Particularly useful shell chicken eggs to young children, starting from the year because their body processes of formation of bone tissue are most intensive and require a smooth flow of calcium. The shells included in baby food, is extremely beneficial effect in rickets and anemia, rickets developing in parallel.

Based on their research, Dr. Krompecher gives the following recommendations:

mandatory scolopacina prevention during pregnancy;

it is extremely desirable for children from 1 year to 6 years;

desirable in adolescence and early adulthood (up to 19-20);

prophylaxis twice a year is useful for adults to prevent diseases of the spine, dental caries and osteoporosis;

eggshell — the perfect tool for deducing radionuclides and can be effectively used in the centers of radioactive contamination, because it prevents the accumulation in the bone marrow nuclei of strontium-90. (Use 2 to 6 grams per day).

Methods of use of eggshell is very simple. Eggs pre-washed with warm water and soap, rinsed well. In most cases, the shell requires no special sterilization. For young children it is necessary for 5 minutes put it in boiling water. Shells from eggs, hard-boiled, a little less active, but it is completely ready for use, the sterilized in the cooking process. Dosage — from 1.5 to 3 grams daily depending on age. Grind into powder the shells in a mortar better: noticed that when using the grinder the drug is less active. Reception with the morning meal — cheese or porridge. In Western countries pharmacies powder from the shell of chicken eggs sold in 1970.

Brings a lot of trouble, especially in children, allergic diathesis origin. Take note of the old recipe, published in the book I. P., Neumyvakina L. S. Neumyvakina “Health in your hands”. Fresh eggs boil hard boiled, remove the shell, carefully remove the lining of her film. The shell to dry for 2-3 hours (not in heat and not in direct sunlight). In a porcelain mortar grind the shells into powder (not fine powder).

Child from 6 months to 1 year give the powder on the tip of a knife, 1 to 3 years two times more. In 5-7 years half of the crushed shell. Before you give the baby powder need to squeeze few drops of lemon juice, with a chemical reaction to convert the substance contained in the shell, in particular calcium, easily digestible by the body shape. Do it daily from one to several months. The method is absolutely harmless. The result effect that there is no reaction to those products that cause diathesis.

Shell chicken eggs, fried to yellowish, and powdered, treats “hungry” pain and just pain in the stomach. Take 1 times a day before meals for 10 days. According to modern concepts, has an antacid effect.

“Eggshell, milled into powder and drunk with grape wine, stops diarrhea”, — stated in the old medical manual.

Egg shells, dried and crushed in a coffee grinder into a fine powder may be a powder at the opening burns with blisters.

Advice from an old medical book: for crushing stones in the kidneys and bladder need to be crushed into powder the egg shell, from which it just hatched a chicken, and drink the shell with grape wine. You have to take every day, about 10 g.

Vladimir Karavaev, have developed their own system of healing the body, recommends to normalize the acid-alkaline balance to be taken orally crushed egg shells. You can use the shell only from raw eggs. Within one hour it is washed with cold water and then calcined. Keep shells in a glass jar with a lid, but not in a plastic bag. Before you start taking the shell, it is necessary to pay attention to which of your nostrils is breathing easier. If the left you are shown the reception of the shell, if the right — the shell should not be accepted. (It should be noted that the apparent paradoxicality of the tips Karavaeva they have enough for a serious scientific study.) Healthy people should also take the shell, but only when they themselves feel especially good, feeling fit and in good spirits.

Make the shell should be in the form of crushed, 1 tablespoon daily, preferably with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. In an extreme case, substitute the egg shell can serve as a pharmaceutical preparation calcium carbonate (calcium carbonate).


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