Effective prevention of heart disease


Эффективные меры профилактики заболеваний сердца Doctors told about the methods of prevention of heart disease.

Cardiovascular disease among Ukrainians have long ceased to be rare. Modern living conditions, poor diet, stress, lack of physical activity – all this leads to serious breaches and failures in the body, including the heart.

The potential core is:

– history of alcohol abuse;

– smokers;

– those who have a lot of excess weight or in other words – obesity;

– people are experiencing stress;

– men and women, leading a sedentary lifestyle;

– those who eat right;

– people older than 40 years, but in medical practice there are more young patients.

Doctors say that heart disease is very often asymptomatic and people may simply not pay attention to the fact that he had tingling on the left side in the chest, shortness of breath, numb hands and so forth. Often doctors cores come already at the last stage of the disease, when home methods facilitate or analgesia did not help. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend to pay more attention to their health and to listen to the symptoms, often testifies to the fact that heart disease is the place to be.

The most effective ways to prevent heart disease:

1. To eat only useful products and to prevent the development of obesity. Heart-the essential potassium, which is found in bananas, so those who are at risk of cardiovascular disease, doctors suggest to have daily one banana.

2. To control the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Blood tests should be taken at least once a year. In addition, you need to consume foods that gently cleanse the blood vessels from excess cholesterol and other unwanted substances.

3. To engage in such sportsas running, Cycling, swimming or just fast walking for 5-7 miles a day. Moderate physical activity trained not only the body but also the muscles of the heart.

4. To stop being nervous. For many people stress is a normal condition to which they have grown accustomed. But in fact, few people know how to affect stress in a healthy heart. In fact, people are constantly wasting your nerve cells with or without him, destroys his own heart, and condemns himself to a dreadful disease. So try to avoid stress, conflict, disputes, and so on.


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