Effective methods of prevention of influenza and colds, and approved by experienced therapists


Действенные методы профилактики гриппа и простуды, одобренные опытными терапевтамиIt makes no sense to overpay for ineffective in dealing with viruses, drugs.

In January increases the risk of colds, SARS and influenza. But how to protect against these diseases, many people still do not know or use ineffective tools that do not strengthen the immune system, as we would like.

The doctors told me how I actually can securely protect your body against pathogens in winter:

Lean on fresh food. Here even to explain anything, because the gifts of nature contains maximum number of nutrients and vitamins which help to strengthen immunity, accelerate metabolism, toning the body and charged with the necessary energy.

Nose should be cleaned with a solution of water and sea salt several times a day. This method of protection against viruses transmitted by airborne droplets, is the most productive, but it somehow don’t know everything. Sea salt perfectly moisturizes the nasal mucosa and destroys the virus, not allowing them to enter the bloodstream and multiply. But this effect will be the case, if you bury your nose 4-5 times a day.

Keep your feet warm. Supercooled the first leg, so it makes sense to keep them warm, to avoid. Apart from warm shoes and socks in the evenings you can do hot foot bath.

To include in the diet of cereal products and those which are composed of beneficial omega – and omega-6 fatty acids. Nuts, seeds, vegetable oil sesame or olive, oily fish and seafood, whole wheat bread and other products will provide enormous health benefits all year round, not just in the cold.

If it’s cold close the face to eye level with a scarf. This will help the nose to retain heat, and along with good circulation, allowing immune cells to function properly.


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