Effective managers dirtied oil 100 million dollars hiding the theft of 1 million roubles


The story of the pollution of crude oil in April of this year close to completion. No sabotage was not, as well, as there was no Western interference or other forces. All to the banality of everyday life – a series of highly effective managers decided to make some money, styris of oil to one million rubles and adding chemicals to the common terminal, causing the country a loss of millions of dollars, jeopardizing the contracts and the reputation of the country -gas station

As reported by the media, another one of “effective management”, which is directly implicated in the contamination of the oil pipeline “Friendship”, the former CEO of the company “Smartasset-terminal” Roman Ruzicka detained in Lithuania, where tearfully asked for political asylum. Ruzicka, declared by the Interpol wanted list, was detained in Vilnius. The court sanctioned his arrest for three months. “We reiterate that the appointment of the arrest Ruzicka asked to provide, in Lithuania political asylum”, – said the Baltic States.

The reason why this in the recent past, the successful businessman and the personnel reserve in the heads of various departments had suddenly fallen out of love with the Russian leadership,is simple:in the event of his extradition prison sentence would be his salvation, for wanting to talk to a citizen in the ‘ 90s-is already in the tens. He was detained 5 of the 6 suspects. 4 boarded early and did give a confession. While Ruzicka just gonna switch to Russia, in places not so remote was the Director General and Deputy Director General of a small oil company “Neftepervalki” Svetlana Balaba and Rustam Khusnutdinov. In addition, the investigators detained the Deputy General Director of “Railway” Sergey Balandin and Director of the company “PetroNeft Asset” Vladimir Gogolev. One of the band members, who would very much like to see Russia – urgently moved to Germany, the former owner of the “Terminal” Roman Trusov, which brings down all Ruzicka.

The funny thing is that if you believe the result, and the whole of the detainees and fled, except for a detainee in Lithuania, the version of the security forces does not refute, it is an international scandal and a huge loss to Russia was due to the simple desire effective Directors to steal one million rubles. The consequence considers, what exactly Troshev and Ruzicka led a criminal conspiracy to oil pollution and recruited the other four suspects and stole the raw materials for the sum about 1 million roubles. To hide the theft, they added in node draining the oil chlorine compounds.

To understand the amount of compensation on the statement of the Ministry of energy Novak to all parties will be in the region of about $ 100 million, that is 6 billion 286 million rubles from the Russian budget. And that’s very lucky, if will cost only $ 100 million, originally it was almost about half a billion of the most of American money. And in addition, due to the spring scandal in Poland came the Americans with their shale oil, and made so long lobbied contracts. And in the Samara joint was covered with the Germans, the design of the plant for extracting protein from oil. Now this project will be implemented at home and from other raw materials.

The company is registered “PetroNeft asset” until November 2018 belonged to the Estonian Petroneft Trading Overseas, owned in turn fled to Germany Troshevo. In November 2018 the company “PetroNeft asset” bought the German Association Metapron GmbH, which is headed by Eduard rosin. According to Rosina, its main business is manufacturing equipment for bottling drinks, AllFill, which belongs to his wife Ilse.

Edward rosin was told that he had previously engaged in the supply of steel structures for construction of refinery and got acquainted with the Novel by Trusheim. “We really bought the assets of the company “PetroNeft asset”, but do not have any relationship with neftepervalki. The purpose of our purchase was OOO “NPP “Metatron”, which is “daughter” of “PetroNeft” and has the technology for the production of protein (caprina) from methane”, — said Eduard rosin.

Gaprin — protein production technology which uses bacteria, processing of natural and associated gas. Grown biomass can be used as a basis for feed. For the project was created scientific production enterprise “NPP Metatron”, which employs six doctors, and in the near future was a project of three production plants caprina, which will be located in Russia, and production would go for export. I mean, we had real investors who invested in real science and the planned real development of modern industry, which would give jobs and wages to the Russians.

According to Rosina, plea bargaining German Metapron led the political refugee Novel Ruzicka, partner Novel Trusheva. Ruzicka even after the sale “PetroNeft asset” retained partial control over the company: according to the system Seldon.Basis, 100% stake in Samara Metapron of the company mortgaged and the mortgagee is the novel Ruzicka. That is, he is also the joint company was mortgaged to the Bank, “under development”.

And then, according to the investigation, when it was sold and mortgaged, the group of friends decided to turn a simple case of stealing the oil. As a result, the Germans don’t want us to build anything, and think to build the plant. In this case of questions to the owner of the pipe Transneft” does not become smaller. In fact, as reported in June, the media company Ruzicka and his comrades received daily from Transneft documents confirming the satisfactory quality of its raw materials. Certificates issued on the supply of oil to the place where, according to investigators, was the source of the contamination. The documents confirm that the oil received by the pipeline network through company “Neftepervalki” through the receiving terminal in the Samara region, consistent with tekhstandart, including the content of chlororganics. In the period when the system was supposed to do the “dirty” oil, the certificates issued at least once a day, and in most cases even more often.

But it is not only in the economy. President Putin had to apologize to Lukashenko, the plant which arose because of our “efficient”, and Kazakhstan, 600 thousand tons of fuel of which these citizens are dirtied. Had to apologize to Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. And because nothing helped – themselves to blame. None of the victims are not interested in the fate of our “effective managers” who decided himself an extra million to “retire” to do. And then, given the scale, let’s call a spade a spade – wrecking, it doesn’t matter “recorded” any of the accused in the lab or his certificate as an old friend, drew. Importantly, these 6 or 5 people who have demonstrated that control just yet, and any diversion is not just possible, but had to happen sooner or later.

Two years earlier, after falls of our space rockets due to defects of engines and billions of dollars of losses with the scandal and after the intervention of Deputy Prime Minister, the leadership of the Voronezh plant was dismissed, and the company handed over to the “Energomash”. How, then, told RIA “Katyusha”, the reason was banal escape the frames of “effective management” to save on salaries, paying employees an average of 17 thousand rubles.

To no less effective managers are kept in almost slave-like conditions of the builders of the cosmodrome “East”. And now here decided to send postmen to provide medical assistance, in order to save budget funds.

And the list can be long. While so, it is scary to know that so expect our Prime Minister Medvedev has said the era of “effective management” is almost upon us. And terrible they do not even corruption, and lack of ability to calculate their actions even half a step forward. The current level of these “effective”: save 10 thousand rubles, and fire mechanic Vasya, and so will fly into space or spill stuff into the pipe, nobody will notice.

I would like to end on a positive note, they say, that will have to change and everything will be fine, but that’s looking at the competition Kiriyenko-Gref “Leaders of Russia”, it becomes quite sad – to replace the current thieves-optimizers are more “efficient”. I can only imagine what will happen if the audience gets to nuclear energy and other strategic sectors.


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