Eddie Murphy will play in the sequel to the popular film


Sequel to “Trip to America” will take 30 years after the film’s release.

Actor Eddie Murphy has confirmed that Paramount Pictures has begun work on a sequel to the movie “coming to America” 1988 edition. According to Deadline, the Director of the film will be Craig brewer, and Murphy will return to the image of Prince Akeem.

“After years of anticipation, I am concerned that “coming to America 2″ will take place. We’ve got a great team, headed by Craig brewer, and I look forward to the return of all these classic and beloved characters on the big screen,” said Murphy.

In the sequel, the Mayor finds out about her lost son and is forced to return to America in order to meet up with a possible heir to the throne. It is expected that their roles will also be back Arsenio Hall, who played the assistant Mayor, James Earl Jones, who played the king, and Shari Headley and John Amos.

It is expected that the production of the film starts later this year.

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“Coming to America” was released in 1988 and tells the story of the African Prince of the state of zamunda at once the Mayor, who, accompanied by his servant, Sammy goes to America to find a wife. In order to fiancee fell in love with the Prince, and not his money, he portrays a simple laborer and finds a job in a diner, where he falls in love with the daughter of the owner.

The film was nominated for an Oscar in two categories, and its box office amounted to more than 288 million dollars.


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