Ecuador will close the borders for refugees from Venezuela


Эквадор закроет границы для беженцев из ВенесуэлыThe country has already introduced a state of emergency for refugees.

Soon the official Quito can dramatically limit the number of accept on its territory refugees from Venezuela, falling in Ecuador through the territory of neighboring Colombia.

“A relatively small area of Ecuador is not physically cope with the influx of Venezuelan immigrants – stated, in particular, he said. – The Ecuadorian authorities have neither the financial nor the technical capabilities to create IDP camps or to give economic asylum seekers with social assistance. Out of doubt, Quito will be closed to the Venezuelans their borders with Colombia”. According to H. R. Mendes, the management of Ecuador intends to ask for respective measures and their colleagues in bogotá.

We will remind, the government of Ecuador introduced a state of emergency due to the influx of migrants from Venezuela. According to information, the daily Colombian-Ecuadorian border crossing to 4.5 thousand Venezuelans, seeking to escape galloping inflation and poverty. Earlier, Colombia bordering with Venezuela, have refused to accept on their territory of migrant workers, providing them with a “corridor” for the flight to Ecuador, Peru, Panama and Brazil.


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