Economic insanity of Russia: the higher ranks of the Central Bank fled to Paris!


Экономический маразм России: высшие чины ЦБ бегут в Париж!

The news Agency reported that the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev escaped from Russia after his call to the Prosecutor in the case of the Bank “Ugra”.

Earlier, Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika has addressed one of shareholders “Severstal” Alexey Korshunov. He said that the basis of the loud history with deprivation of the Bank licenses are illegal actions Pozdyshev and interim Manager of “Ugra” Dmitry Onegin. Latest by artificial revaluation of the Bank’s assets, which stood at the time of his appointment 33.5 billion rubles, brought these assets to a negative value, and that was for the Central Bank grounds for revocation of the license.

They say all signs of fraud in especially large size, the initiator of which was the alleged Chairman of the Central Bank Pozdyshev.

According to the statement Korshunova was ordered, during which the Prosecutor’s office was called Vasily Pozdyshev and the head of the Supervisory Department of the Central Bank of Russia, Anna Orlenko.

History is silent as to how exactly they were called – by the delivery of them direct the agenda, via TEXT or through a social network account. The fact that these high-ranking officials failed to do so “where necessary”.

While Pozdyshev embarrassed his see, as close attention to it, it left our country – and, they say, is now in France. It turned out that in his breast there was a second French – citizenship. So, apparently, just in case: “hard in the village without a revolver” – and on the Russian civil service without a second passport.

CB head Nabiullina, the best in the world ranking, and most importantly – in the eyes of Putin, no comment about these strange events in the office does not…

But this is some kind of state insanity, for the mind: one of the highest ranks of the Central Bank, the bearer of state secrets, is suddenly a citizen of France! Of a country with which we are in a state of open economic war!

We pressed the bulldozers of the so-called “food sanctions”, ostensibly afraid of harming our economy – the most malicious root sat as much in the leadership of our CB! And certainly harm there as I could.

There would be someone to smite Putin! Drag out to the shore, to take over the gills and cook him along with his boss Nabiullina team CCS – in order to discourage others were.

But, alas, just everything is done so that other povadno.

The day with the news of the escape of the Central Bank-the malware came the news that Switzerland stopped the investigation against fugitive ex-head of Ministry of agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik. With its Bank accounts and from the accounts of “persons from its environment” is released.

This Skrynnik was the head of our Ministry of agriculture from 2009 to 2012. In 2012 the accounting Chamber, which was headed by Stepashin, has found embezzlement of 40 billion RUB upskirt teacher as respectable then as it is today Nabiullina. But the defendant in one of the most controversial criminal cases in recent years were given to travel abroad “for treatment” – where she has not returned.

And it brought a Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland – in fact money laundering: from 2007 to 2012 on account of the Minister of agriculture in the Swiss banks received $140 million, “the origin of which has caused serious suspicions”.

Mocked this disease Swiss lawyers than one year – but in the end were forced to withdraw due to “insufficient legal assistance” from the Russian side.

That is what there are doing. Those evil Europeans, winaudio us sanctions, the hand caught our thief – because despite their attitude against us, they criminal code is still honored. But we don’t honor and for all the years of “evroseti” never received statements from Rob!

Because well, that we should write off some 40 billion from their accounts, retirees will not be offended! And unravel the whole tangle of thieves, which involved dozens of subordinates of the former Minister of agriculture, now successfully continue their work under the roof is already new respectable – offense will not be gathered!

Just exactly the same picture with the “group of persons”, raspolozivih the eyes of the amazed public a Bank “Ugra”, which was part of the top 30 largest banks in Russia. Our guards have already beaten track to escape another thief, probably taking with him a considerable “medical benefits” and now long will be looking for them. As in hide and seek: it zazhmurivaetsya and said: “one, two, three, four, five, here I come!” to the participants of this game managed to hide it.

But in our case, then no one is looking anyone.

Proven scheme. Before the crisis, working – working and in the current crisis. Hence, a clear result: to some, this crisis is engulfing on that one wave, and someone- the sea knee-deep!


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