Earthlings expects to be the last summer full moon 2019


August 15, Ukrainians will be able to watch the last summer full moon.

The August full moon of 2019 will occur in the afternoon, at 15:29 on 15 August June Kyiv time, but the almost full moon will be visible the evening of August 15, 20:38 by Kiev.

Its unusual name is that the full moon has received from the Indian tribes of North America, reports the online edition of the with reference to NV.

15 Aug — 14 day of the moon in the lunar calendar. The percentage of moon illumination is 100%. Moonrise at 20:28 and sunset at 04:22. thus, strictly speaking, the evening of August 15 the Moon is already waning.

According to the American edition of “the Old Farmer’s Almanac” is the name of the full moon indicates that sturgeon can be caught in the wild. Amy Nickens from the Almanac the Old Farmer explained: “the full Moon in August is known as the sturgeon Moon because native American tribes knew that the sturgeon in the Great lakes and lake Champlain it is easier to catch the full moon”.

Interestingly, space Agency NASA has supported this story on its website, linking the name of the full moon with fish on the Great lakes USA — Upper, Huron, Ontario, Michigan and Erie.

Gordon Johnston of NASA said, “the farmer’s Almanac of Maine was first published by the Indian name of the full moon in the 1930-ies, and over time these names became widely known. Many authors associate the names of native Americans with European months, so the full moon in August is the sturgeon moon, regardless of whether it is second or the last full moon of summer.”

The full moon in August is also known as corn moon, barley moon, or fruit moon. In each of these cases the name suggests that it was harvest time and food.

Astronomers say that to observe the full Moon better not peak time, and then when the satellite of the Earth is quite low over the Eastern horizon. When the moon is low on the horizon, it allows to cover the whole view with the objects in the foreground, the satellite appears larger.


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