Early menopause – what are you preparing your body


Ранняя менопауза - что вам готовит ваш организмRAnnija menopause indicates the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Women who go through menopause before age 46 years, have twice more chances to suffer from a heart attack or stroke compared to those women who go through such changes at a later age, the study found.

Scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham examined 2509 women. About 700 of them, or 28 percent, have gone through menopause early — at the age of 46 years.

The average age when a women begins the menopause is 51-52 years.

None of the women had cardiovascular disease at baseline. The researchers tracked their health for an average of 5 years.

They found that among women with early menopause in history, a greater number of survivors of heart attacks and strokes.

It is unclear how early menopause is associated with cardiovascular disease, perhaps the “blame” the female hormone oestrogen, which ceases to be produced in the woman’s body.


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