E3 2018: Doom sequel will send players to the Ground


E3 2018: сиквел Doom отправит игроков на ЗемлюGame is the sequel to Doom 2016.

The Network has published a new trailer for the game Doom Eternal, the continuation of the game doom 2016. Judging by the video, the action in the game takes place in a Land that has suffered greatly because of the attack of demons. The video was posted on the YouTube channel of Bethesda Softworks.

In the description of the game means that players will struggle with the dark forces of Hell.

“Beat with new and classic demons in different dimensions, using powerful new weapons and abilities,” say the creators.

The release date of the new game creators to declare did not become. It is expected that details will be revealed at the August conference QuakeCon 2018.


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