E-pul.az: E-money for the growing demands


If there is something that fell the victim of the novel coronavirus infection – besides the general economy and at least 800.000 people around the world – is the cash throughput. People got isolated in their homes and apartments still need to pay for goods and services, parcels and deliveries, taxes and governmental fees. Everyone who had not connected to the electronic payment systems have done it during the lockdown.

Azerbaijan is a big country that enjoys a rapid development of economy. It it intensively growing and the oil and gas is no longer the main movers behind the trend. Reliable money transfer system and payment processor is a must for the modern economy. Perhaps the most valuable one for the Azerbaijani society is E-money service provided by https://www.e-pul.az. It unites everything you can expect from the payment processor and much more. The system is providing docking to other popular electronic money as well as extensive bonuses and freebies. It serves as SME platform too because it allows it users to pay and issue the bills.

E-pul.az E-money payment processor

The system went online in 2014 and is in constant development. New options are being introduced virtually on a everyday basis. Electronic payments have long become an ubiquity as convenient and fast payment method, accounting for the majority of transactions. It is not surprising that such an important process came under state control. E-pul.az is fully legal and holds all the necessary licenses issued by the state. It holds both types of licenses necessary to provide services to the customers:

  • Operating on the basis of smart cards compatible with the internationally acknowledged systems A smart card is a plastic card with an embedded microprocessor chip, on which a special file is written – the equivalent of money transferred by the client from his bank account. That is, first, money is transferred from a bank to an electronic account, remaining accumulated in the electronic payment system. Further payments are made by the client within this amount in the electronic payment system.
  • Working on the basis of software systems or a network resource Today they are the most common means of electronic payment due to the high degree of security due to data encryption and electronic digital signature. It is the method employed by E-pul.az.

E-pul.az provides both app and website-based solutions for the most platforms. Some software and services is specific to the mobile-only solutions.


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