Dutch scientists have found an antibody to the coronavirus


Research need months.

In the Netherlands, scientists have found an antibody to the coronavirus COVID-19, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

“This is the first antibody that inhibits infection, and there is a high probability that it will also be used in the manufacture of drugs that will be available,” said the Rotterdam Professor of cell biology Frank Grosveld.

The researchers said that had this antibody in the lab after preliminary studies such Covid-19 viral infections.

“We need to do something and maybe we have something there. So started immediately to work in this direction”, — said Grosfeld.

Now scientists say that the antibody is to be tested on humans, these studies can take months. In particular, at the moment these studies are to obtain approval from other scientists in the field of biology.

A scientist from Utrecht Berend-Jan Bosch stressed that this is a promising step, but it is too early to speak about efficiency. The researchers emphasize that effective prevention, not treatment. Therefore we need a vaccine, which may take at least two years.

Recall that in the world more than 145 thousand infected COVID-19. The countries with the highest number of infected were China, Italy, Iran and South Korea.


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