Durov has promised to bypass the lock Telegram in Russia


Дуров пообещал обойти блокировку Telegram в РоссииDurov did not guarantee 100% robots messenger without using any third party apps.

The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov said that the messenger will use built-in methods of bypass of locks that do not require user action.

“Telegram will use built-in methods to bypass locks which don’t require user action, but 100% availability of the service without VPN is not guaranteed,” – said Durov.

He assured that whatever lock messenger will protect the ability to send out notices to Russian users, informing about the situation.

Durov noticed that it is not necessary to reinstall the Telegram in the event of malfunctions or failures and must promptly update the application.

Earlier, on 13 April, the judge of Tagansky court of Moscow Yulia Smolina has satisfied the claim “Roskomnadzor” and decided to block the messenger Telegram on the territory of Russia.


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