During the election campaign in Mexico was killed 523 policy


Во время предвыборной кампании в Мексике убили 523 политика These elections were the bloodiest in the history of the country.

During the campaign before the General election in Mexico from September 2017 to 1 July 2018, were killed and 371 152 policy official.

Experts have called the last campaign of the most brutal in modern history of Mexico, since 1997. They also believe that the security of elected politicians and incumbent officials is under threat.

According to the study, in Mexico per day in average was 1.7 murders of politicians and bureaucrats. The total number of attacks has reached 1.2 thousand occasions. All the analysts have recorded 774 attacks on politicians and 429 for officials.

The greatest number of attacks came on July 1st, during this day there were 138 assaults and seven murders.


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