During the Eclipse on the moon, noticed strange structures


Во время затмения на Луне заметили странные сооруженияOn the moon’s surface noticed a mysterious pyramid

Ufologist from Slovakia named Martin Micas found during the last lunar Eclipse that took place on 7 August, a very strange process on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth.

Enthusiast was caught on video, as the moon seemed to pyramids, periodically changing its shape.

First Mikeas just wanted to capture the unique natural phenomenon on camera, but in the process of shooting drew attention to the very strange objects on the lunar surface. In particular, he said a few pointed pyramid appeared out of nowhere and from time to time change its shape.

The author of the video suggested that these structures are man-made character and truth behind the answers to the question why for more than 40 years, no one sends for a moon expedition.


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