Drop a glowing green ball in Brazil took video


Падение светящегося зеленого шара в Бразилии сняли на видео Object observed in several cities.

In the state of Rio Grande do Norte on the East, Brazil has observed a mysterious phenomenon. About half of the 11th in the evening the sky lit up with a green flash, and fell into the ocean a certain object. Witnessing such unusual paintings have become residents of several coastal cities: Barauna, Mossoró, Severiano Melo, Assou and others.

According to eyewitnesses, it was like a huge glowing ball, which broke away over the water, then collapsed into the sea. The following video was received by local resident Daniel Fortunato, who was at the time close to the beach of St. Christopher.

Many witnesses felt that their eyes had the fall of the meteorite, however, there were Brazilians and another point of view. Some observers say that right before falling into the water a mysterious object significantly changed its path. Is the ordinary space rock capable of this?

Of course, having made such an unexpected discovery, careful witnesses thought that he saw an unidentified flying object. Connected to the discussion of the incident ufologists report that this really could be the aircraft of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, which for some reason dived into the sea.

That’s just why it burned in the fall? However, watch and draw your own conclusions. Perhaps soon, professional astronomers will make their verdict on this issue…


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