Drivers warned about a new way of stealing


Водителей предупредили о новом способе угонаThe theft occurred in Kharkov.

A new method of car theft, which fraudsters use, recorded video surveillance cameras in one of the Kharkov apartment buildings.

The entry published in the group “KHS in Kharkiv”, then it flew through the city public. The footage shows a man who comes to the door apartments, and after stealing parked at the entrance to the car.

According to the author, the “hero” of the video intercom hacked crowbar door in the house on Geroyev Truda 32A. After that, he walked through the entrance with equipment that can read codes from the keys of the cars if they are near the door.

The result of his “work” was the stolen car.

In the comments at first assumed it was fake, but then other users have confirmed that the scammers are actively using this method, and the one who scored under the post, said that he knows the man who became the victim of a car thief.

“Yesterday was only showing us the tricks – new technology to help thieves”, “sorry, not fake. Personally acquainted with his grandfather, who was left without a car”, “the authorities Have to do something, for example, it is necessary to adopt urgently the law for carjacking to 25 years in prison. Having such a device, I would have thought, and worth to do it, but power not up to it, on the nose elections,” write Kharkiv.

Водителей предупредили о новом способе угона
Водителей предупредили о новом способе угона


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