Drivers reminded how often should you check the oil level in the engine


Водителям напомнили, как часто нужно проверять уровень масла в двигателе How to do it.

No internal combustion engine can’t do without engine oil. If its too low, the motor may be quickly destroyed. It is therefore important to regularly check the oil level in the engine. Many drivers rely on the staff support, but because you can do it yourself.

The sequence of actions when checking the oil level

1. In order to correctly measure the oil level, the engine should be warm. After stopping engine wait a while, 10-15 minutes. This is necessary in order for the oil to glass in the case.

2. In each car there is a special dipstick for checking the oil level. Open the hood and remove the dipstick. Where is it located? Look in the instruction manual,

3. Wipe the dipstick with a rag lint or a paper towel. It is important that the cloth actually was without the fibers, Insert the probe into the appropriate hole until it stops and wait a few seconds.

4. Pull out the dipstick.

5. Check the oil level, focusing on the markings on the dipstick. Film of oil should be about half way between the marks “Min” and “Max”.

Водителям напомнили, как часто нужно проверять уровень масла в двигателе

When you need to add oil to the engine

If, during the level measurement of oil film is between the “Minimum” and “Maximum”, it is in the normal range. In this case, the oil need not be added.

If a film of oil barely reaches the “Minimum” or do not reach it then, of course, the oil should be topped up.

How much oil?

How much oil – you will learn in the instructions. Usually marked between “Minimum” and “Maximum” is placed one liter of oil. Pour slowly so as not to overdo it.

Important! Prior to re-measurement of the oil level wait a few minutes. The oil should drain out. Then the measurement will be correct.

How often to check the oil level?

Experts recommend regularly checking the oil level. For example, after every third refueling of the vehicle. If you car is old, then check the oil after each refueling. Also this should be done before a long trip.


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