Dream job: The New York Times sent a journalist to the best places on the planet


Работа мечты: The New York Times отправила журналиста в лучшие места на планетеIt will be an unforgettable year.

Every year the American newspaper the New York Times makes a list of the 52 best places to visit for every traveler. This year to go on a long journey, have the reporter Jada yuan. Over the next 52 weeks it will move from one point to another world, to visit all the places from the list.

This year The New York Times first called single traveller, who will have to travel all the places from the list. Of the 13,000 applicants chose the reporter jada yuan. The last decade, jada worked in New York Magazine covering news, showbiz, film festivals, and presidential appointments. She grew up in Northern new Mexico, received his doctorate in history from Yale University and now lives in Brooklyn.

Работа мечты: The New York Times отправила журналиста в лучшие места на планете

“Hello! I have big news. I was a new traveler, The New York Times! This means that in a week and a half I will travel for a year, starting in New Orleans and further on all continents except Antarctica. It will be a crazy adventure, and I want you there. (I need help and support.) I will share here, on Twitter and in the online and printed versions of The New York Times. Send me your advice on which bars I go! I’m going to miss New York Magazine and everyone I love so much. Thank you for teaching me to write and become my second family,” he told jada yuan in instagram.

A list of the 52 places that are definitely worth a visit, has already become traditional for The New York Times. This time the journey will begin in New Orleans, which this year celebrates its tercentenary, and will end in Luang Prabang, city in Laos.

Работа мечты: The New York Times отправила журналиста в лучшие места на планете

“Why New Orleans is the first destination? There is no other such city. The influence of Europe, the West Indies, Latin America, Africa and the indigenous peoples made it a real “melting pot.” And this diversity is reflected in everything: in music, food, language and many other things. Although New Orleans took a while to recover after hurricane Katrina, he’s not just stood on his feet, and became so bright, as never before,” wrote The New York Times.

Every year employees of the Newspapers that are scattered around the world, throw up ideas which places can be included in another list. Receive hundreds of suggestions from which a final version. The newspaper representatives say they are committed to geographic diversity, so the list combines both popular tourist destinations and distant lands. Often from the exclude list, well, very much evident in the city. Despite the fact that, for example, London, Paris and Tokyo always inspired travelers in this year’s list does not.

“52 places that we choose is, of course, only the beginning. There are thousands of wonderful places that you must visit. So use the hashtag #52Places2018 instagram to offer their” — say the representatives of the Newspapers.


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