Dr. “Death”, or HIV brotherhood


Доктор "Смерть", или ВИЧ на брудершафт

HIV-positive LGBT activist Boris Konakov and artist Cyanide syringes took each other’s blood, mixed it with vodka and drank brotherhood, the resulting “Bloody Mary”.

Доктор "Смерть", или ВИЧ на брудершафт

The meaning of bloody action explained in circulation. The participants wrote that he drank “to the health of the Maxim of Lapunov (LGBT activist, spoke about the torture in Chechen prison — approx.ed.) and all the survivors, the century of revolution, birthday, Yip Boris Konakova, the solidarity of the working people and parasites, HIV-positive and HIV-negative, those who drink blood and those who drink the blood”.

The event was held yesterday, November 12.

What is behind such provocations — I can not judge. The actionism? Possible. In the spirit Pavlensky, apparently, but, who is he? They say in the media that the way the participants wanted to remind everyone about the existence of the problem in the country. The problem in this country is very serious, as it is not suppressed. The reasons are many, from education to the level of life in General.

In August I wrote about how outrageous case occurred in St. Petersburg and that this fact cannot be ignored.

Finally in this topic, there has been a shift and 26 September opened a criminal case on the death of ten HIV-positive girls, the adoptive parents which refused to treat her because I don’t believe in the existence of the human immunodeficiency virus.

And in Tyumen still judge a woman who also refused to treat her daughter, three year old girl died in the summer of 2017.

Unfortunately, the activists, over the last three years in Russia died more than 60 HIV-dissidents and their children.

I detail painted here. At the time, dumped everything on the religious component of the HIV dissidents. Other times the blame to something else.

Доктор "Смерть", или ВИЧ на брудершафт

After such tragedies began to disclose, the case moved from the dead point.

However, the opposite side still has an audience, and she receives it through the network.

One of the most famous supporters of the HIV dissidents, a doctor, Olga Kovach. That’s what she said on one of the Central channels.


Here in this video you can learn more about this woman.

Who is Olga Kovach

Here’s another famous person


and another trillion of such materials available to all, even to children.


Доктор "Смерть", или ВИЧ на брудершафт

Who are all these people who violently drowned for refusing treatment? Do they have a justification or it’s just a well-mounted rollers?

A lot of similar content on the network: multiple publics, videos, articles. All this affects the consciousness of people more than a single event in the format of lectures among students.

Very well that’s already moved and began to develop the law, but it would be nice to do more information. As it happened with the groups calling for the suicide


Here the same result. A kind of boost to self-destruction, so podobnie information materials should be prohibited. If there are doctors who can really say something in the case against HIV, it should be formally made through the Ministry of health, not the public.

Yes, the fact that HIV was deliberately introduced into the territory of our country — like the truth, but this does not confirms that this virus is not. It is first introduced to us, and is now the most want to make it so that people no longer treated.What is also mentioned more than once.

Under similar themes hiding another topic. In fact, now the peak of this infection. In all medical Universities of the country explain and explain why promoted HIV dissidence.

Just don’t want to sponsor a medication that’s all. Do not allocate sufficient money. Or isolated, but steal. Why? This is a question for upstream.




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