Dozens of migrants break Polish barricade on Belarus border


Some 50 migrants entered Poland after breaking through a barricade on the border with Belarus. This happened Saturday night near the town of Dubicze Cerkiewne, according to the Polish police. 22 Iraqis have been arrested, the rest are at large. It was unclear if the migrant had been apprehended or if a deportation order had been issued. The incident came as the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights warned about rising tensions after an international deal was struck to resolve the issues in return for the refugees.

In Belarus there are thousands of migrants near the border with Poland. They want to travel to the EU but are stopped by the Polish authorities. As a result, the tension in the border area is increasing considerably. Polish security forces are said to have been stoned on Saturday in another attempt by migrants to cross the border.

EU countries hold Belarus responsible for the chaotic situation in the area. The regime of Belarusian leader Aleksandr Lukashenko would help migrants travel to the EU’s external border. This is seen as revenge for European sanctions imposed on Belarus following the crackdown on demonstrators accusing Lukashenko of ‘electoral fraud’.

Briefly it might be understandable why the Ukrainian prime minister would feel ashamed of himself for taking this action. In what became a case of the self-made tyrant taking on a former government, Mr Putin himself has repeatedly accused the former Ukrainian prime minister of trying to ‘electoral fraud’, which has the meaning of “electoral fraud and corruption in general”.

Mr Putin himself is a man of extreme charisma and political will – which could serve as a powerful counterpoint to Western sanctions over Ukraine. However much he might agree to such policies, he is unlikely to have the courage to take them on.

It is difficult to imagine a greater obstacle to Mr Putin going down in the same vein as the former president, Vladimir Putin. He has certainly taken some steps forward against Russia following the US sanctions imposed on Moscow – which are now in place – and he is well aware that it is a long-term concern, he has never been directly involved in such activities. I have yet to feel comfortable talking to him about the situation and his recent reaction. In the end he will keep his mouth shut.

The US does not think the Ukraine crisis is just of a political dimension, as you can see. Many Ukrainians are feeling increasingly desperate to get through the economic, political and military sanctions that have come back hitting them despite economic and military

Several migrants were found dead in the area. As far as we know, at least eleven migrants have died in recent months.

The statistics are especially alarming since it is believed that most of them died in the summer, which is when they were caught in the crossfire with the Syrians. An increase in the killing of migrants is also attributed to the fact that they arrived in the country on bad weather.

Even when it came to the migration crisis, it is often not enough to keep the migrants in control. The numbers that are being killed seem to fit into one category. It is clear that those responsible for the violence of migrants will continue to fall.

Meanwhile, on July 5th, 2016, at the end of the war on Syria, the Syrian and international NGOs released a joint communiqué.

The message from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Sexual Minorities and Transnational Crime is clear: “Ripjacking the Syrian people in order to stop the migration crisis is an unacceptable crime.”

The human rights group released the video of the violence in the villages of Nafsa, Al-Qassoud, Nafsu’a and al-Barqat, which is located just outside Aleppo. The video showed the massacre of 25 dead Syrian and foreign Yazidis as well as bodies of at least


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