Donbass will leave without peacekeepers


Донбасс оставят без миротворцев

Kiev accommodation of the UN mission will not support Moscow, and Russian — will block US.

Moscow will veto Kyiv project of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, when it will be introduced. This “Izvestia” said a Russian diplomatic sources, noting that the Ukrainian version of operations actually would mean the continuation of the conflict, and Kiev is seeking thus blockade of the region. At the same time Moscow continues to advocate the deployment of “blue helmets” on the line of contact and security for the OSCE monitors. However, this scenario is also unlikely to receive support due to the position of Washington.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in an interview with CBC News, said that Russia’s participation in the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas “absolutely impossible.” The Ukrainian leader has threatened to complaint to the UN international court if Moscow in the Security Council will veto the Ukrainian version of the resolution when it is submitted for consideration. A senior Russian diplomatic source told “Izvestia” that the Ukrainian draft resolution Moscow in any case will not miss. After all, Kiev is the place the “blue helmets” throughout the DNI and the LC, including the Russian-Ukrainian border, trying to disguise the civil war in the East of the country under an international conflict

– United Nations mission in the form in which it wants Petro Poroshenko, in the Donbass will not. Peacekeeping operation should be carried out on the boundary line and ensure the security of observers of the OSCE, – said one of interlocutors of “Izvestia”.

While the Russian draft of the peacekeeping mission in the region remains the only one made in the UN security Council. According to him, the mission was established “after full withdrawal of forces and means of the parties from actually existing contact line for the period of six months”. The document emphasizes the full “respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine” and that the resolution of the conflict is possible only under condition of implementation of the Minsk agreements. At the suggestion of Moscow, peacekeepers should provide security of the OSCE monitoring mission.

And although words and statements about their own mission project from the Ukrainian side were made quite, the alternative was never presented. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, “it is unclear why there is such a puff”.

– The feeling that for Ukraine it is important to slow down the process, not to allow the UN security Council the Russian project, but to continue idle thoughts. We understand, however, that the Ukrainians want to make. It is important to identify the conflict in the Donbas as the interstate, in this case, the line of demarcation runs along the border. But it does not correspond to the positions of the participants of the Minsk agreements, where the conflict is designated as domestic. It is the line of demarcation between DNR and LC – on the one hand and the rest of Ukraine, on the other, runs the OSCE mission, come provocation of failure of the Minsk agreements, the people perish. There needs peacekeepers. In this logic of the Russian initiative – said the “Izvestia” Konstantin Kosachev.

According to the Senator, as soon as the idea to move the line of demarcation, the Minsk agreement are in jeopardy. In this alternative scenario, the settlement does not exist, and the present arrangement is supported by the UN security Council.

Apparently, in the near future, the UN peacekeepers are not destined to arrive in war-torn Donetsk and Lugansk Republic. The Kiev version of the mission, if it is, of course, will be submitted to the UN security Council will not pass due to the fact that contrary to the Minsk agreements and can only complicate the situation. A project in Moscow displeases the US, which, like Russia, can use the right of veto during the voting in the security Council.

Sharply against the Moscow version, unfortunately, already made by the delegations of the USA and Ukraine, – said Konstantin Kosachev.

Therefore, there are two main options. European partners of Washington will be able to convince the Americans and Ukrainians to agree on is the only draft resolution on the peacekeepers, corresponding to Minsk, or some of the parties will develop the third scenario for the “blue helmets” in the Donbass. But so far nobody has said that such a scenario exists at least in draft.



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