Donald trump surprised by the unexpected statement


Дональд Трамп удивил неожиданным заявлениемTrump has offered to turn off the Internet.

The US President Donald trump said that the Internet has become the main instrument for recruiting new terrorists, so it should be “disable”.

After the terrorist attack on the London underground trump posted a tweet in which he called the terrorists “sick and retarded”. In the next post, he offered his solution of this problem: “With the kranks-terrorists need to turn much more tightly. The Internet is their main tool of recruitment, we need to disconnect and use the best!”.

The President also noted that the United States should be extended and tightened a temporary ban on the admission of refugees.

Offer to turn off the Internet comes from trump’s not the first time. In 2015, while still a presidential candidate from the Republican party, it is suggested to restrict access to the Network controlled by ISIL in Syria and Iraq, as with the help of the Internet terrorists communicate with each other.


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