Donald trump felt the Kremlin’s weak spot


Дональд Трамп нащупал у Кремля слабое место

The United States does not stop attempts to weaken Russia. And to this end continue to initiate against it new sanctions. One of the last laws passed for this purpose — H. R. 3364 “On combating the enemies of America with the help of sanctions”. In this 184-page document, almost unanimously supported by the Congress, the main purpose of the United States declared a “deterrence of the Russian Federation from further destabilizing and invading Eastern and Central Europe and the Caucasus”.

Previously, Russia had already been legally declared an “aggressor” against Ukraine, Georgia, Baltic States. But the fact that she now legally accused of trying to “occupy” Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany.

Moreover, Russia is now called, not just the “aggressor” and “the leader of a terrorist Union.” And while the Russian was credited with the intention to capture Berlin, the other members of the “Union” (and only two of them — Iran and North Korea) was accused of “threat to U.S. influence” in North Africa, the middle East and East Asia.

Is in H. R. 3364 and more specific charges. So, Russia attributed the murder of the observer of the OSCE, the US citizen Joseph stone, who died April 23, 2017 in the Donbas. And no matter that he was blown up in the LC on the Ukrainian mine. Nobody cares that the investigation did not reveal any involvement in the incident militias, not to mention the “Russian troops”.

Contrary to any logic, the death of American has become the basis for the preparation of an analogue of “Magnitsky list” — the list of public figures of Russia, against whom want to impose personal sanctions on charges of “involvement in the organization of the war in Ukraine and the murder stone”. The fact that the Russian Federation is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict, the us Congress, of course, ignored.

Moreover, not limited to sanctions against specific officials, they decided to affect the entire elite of Russia. According to law H. R. 3364 Donald trump obliged the beginning of February 2018 to confiscate all the capital of the Russian business that is controlled by Americans offshore, and to impose on it financial constraints. All this, according to American politicians, it should force Moscow to abandon anti-Western foreign policy.

It is noteworthy that while the Americans absolutely do not take into account public opinion in Russia. They are convinced that it is enough to hit the pockets of a few billionaires and bureaucrats — and the whole nation can be put under control. Accustomed to the political amorphousness of Western society, American leaders somehow believe that the Russian people is as inert, devoid of drive.

This is despite the fact that the same policy of pressure on the elite over the past three and a half years has shown its complete ineffectiveness.

Lastly, most notably what the United States formally sought.

According to law H. R. 3364, the United States announced its goal “to return to the Russian Federation on a democratic path of development”. And it declares the country in which legally never had a proper democracy!

At the time of the creation of the United States “founding fathers” has officially declared his people “uneducated” and therefore “not ready to elect a government”. And laid the approach to the constitutional law.

As a result a significant part of society not only had no voting rights, but also became enslaved (five “founding fathers” were slave owners, and the other two were supporters of slavery).

Only in 1863 did the slave system in the USA was cancelled. But until 1965, blacks were denied full voting rights and, therefore, part of society do not vote.

Until 1912 in the USA did not exist full-fledged parliamentarism. The upper house of Parliament (Senate) was elected by electors, not citizens. The electors chose the head of state (the chief Executive).

It has been almost two and a half centuries since the “founding fathers” declared his people “are not ready for democracy”. The world in this time has radically changed. In most parts of the planet formed a full-fledged democratic institutions. But the view of the US political elite in our nation have not changed. The people here still consider “unenlightened”, and democracy as there was no and no. And the fact that five times in U.S. history (including in the last election) the highest official elected contrary to the opinion of the majority of citizens, is clear proof of the anti-democratism of the existing system in the country.

However, American politicians somehow believe in their “higher mission” is to “bless democracy” the whole world. And for the sake of urging the West to unite in the struggle against the “leader axis of evil” — Russia.

But announcing new sanctions campaign in the East, American politicians clearly have lost the instinct of self-preservation and common sense. After all, the main economic rival of the United States, and therefore a threat to their power is not Russia, and China.

The impression is that Washington has forgotten the old Eastern wisdom: planishes rivalry with someone can easily fall victim to third.


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