Domestic stabbing


Внутренняя поножовщина

Remember, there was a movie “Bowling for Colubine”? Directed By Michael Moore. 2002. The school massacre in Columbine. 1999. When this happened, a teenager from Perm named Leo has not yet been born. When Michael Moore made his movie, a teenager named Lev was a year or so. We too forgot about the loud movie. And in the United States for two decades, victims of public violence hundreds of people and schoolchildren in particular. And even in our country, the tragedy in Perm – not the first. But the teenager Leo moved for some reason on the ground of the massacre in Columbine. It happens when some really wild incident, I want to quickly make a diagnosis. As if calling some one the main reason, you calm yourself. Blame the authorities, blame the Internet, blame the school, blame the drugs. And I definitely want to say that if such loopholes were not, and no incident would not have happened. And no massacre in the Perm school would not have happened. We are looking for simple answers to complex questions. Looking for someone to blame at the end of the chain. Now blame it on some uncle, who was sitting on the guard post at this school – it is all and will answer.

And who is responsible for the fact that the guy with the knife in his 16 years, a drug addict and a psychopath, repeatedly tried to kill himself? He was expelled from school – what’s next? Tossed and forgotten? Such tragedies make another look with the naked eye on a lot of problems. Child psychologists will think again about teenage violence, experts on the Internet attend to the impact of social networks and any groups of death. Security experts will tell you how to prevent armed men to infiltrate the schools. The children’s Ombudsman is generally the head itself will break, wondering how it came to such a state as this boy and what he did his parents. Mom here didn’t want to go to the wounded son to the hospital – say, what is there to do. So we, at least describe her reaction. But one thing is certain: the carnage in Perm – top news of the day.

Which turned out to be our channels are less important than the grinding of a sieve Minister Lavrov. But Dmitry Peskov was important that this was not someone who attacked the school, and this is an internal stabbing. Although I don’t see how one can be better than the other. Terrorism is scary. Isn’t it scary when, without any terrorists kids cut each other with knives? You can put whatever the diagnosis and how you want to pinpoint the problem. But you cannot pretend that nothing serious happened.


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