Dogs bring Germany millions of euros


Собаки приносят Германии миллионы евро

Last year we had a “dog tax” budget of Berlin has increased by more than €11 million.

According to recently published statistics, in 2017 in Marzahn from dog owners in the Treasury received €1.1 million Breeders Reinickendorf and Spandau also paid more than a million. Least the amount of €287,000 was recorded adjacent to the center of the capital district of schöneberg.

Modernity and history

Germany is one of the few European countries that levies a tax on pet owners. In Berlin the organization, the only purpose of which is to collect “dog money”, has 24 full time staff.

For the first time a tax was introduced in the early 19th century, several German-speaking kingdoms, with the aim of reducing the spread of rabies, and in some cases raise additional funds to repay war debts.

For much of the twentieth century such practice was common in many European countries, but in most of them since the 1970s years, the tax was abolished. One of the last countries of Europe, ceased to enrich themselves at the expense of the friars minor, became in 1987 the UK.

How much is the fee?

In Germany the fee for dogs will be charged at the community level, and all the private owners of these Pets need to register them. Since the regions can set the tax amount, it varies greatly by country and can reach €186 per year.

Tax is generally much higher if a person owns more than one dog. Thus, the capital breeders pay €140 per year for your first pet and €180 for each subsequent.

The tax can also be much higher for some breeds, especially the fighting. This nuance is particularly controversial. For example, the court of göttingen in 2004 decided that it is unfair to charge the same additional fee for Dobermans and Alsatians, despite the fact that representatives of these species can cause a man is almost equivalent injuries.

Those who do not pay?

But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, one who took a pet from a shelter, you may not pay in the first year of detention. Deprived of sight or hearing of the owners of a guide dog is also exempt from tax. Free content is supposed and heroic dogs who have distinguished themselves in saving people.

However, the most at ease material life in the kennel area of Eschborn in Hesse — where the tax is not charged at all.


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