Dog children


Walking through snowy Moscow under the bright February sun, I’m looking forward to spring, think about urgent matters, chief among which are the election of the leader of the people. And because I want to see that the main problems of today’s society is that people want all at once. That is, to immediately come may flowers, and leaves. Then as we would start to melt the ice and snow sun rays. But no one is ready, because so biased to the left front and team Grudinina in General. To me to see wild, because I see another of our foreseeable future in which there is no place for thieves and out, bandits and wrongdoers, vampires, media and parasites of the budget. And vision it allows me today to talk about the need to maintain a confident fight against the enemies of a sort, to make people moral monster. Indeed, many today don’t care who is in power, if only their stagnation stability no one can disturb. At least the swamp where the demons already stinks, so much so that not to smell it is impossible. This was confirmed by information I received yesterday. Will show a piece of this “cheers”, sitting on a tree stump.

“By the end of the 1990s, Izmailovo was already one of the most powerful organized crime groups in Russia, and given their Alliance with Podolsky, the most powerful. By the time the country began to show a change of power. In July 1998 Yeltsin unexpectedly appointed to the post of Director of the FSB of the new man – Putin. He stayed in this position for just over a year and 9 August 1999 Yeltsin had declared him his successor. Began the process of transfer of power, which lasted until March 2000 (before the election of a new President).The arrival of Putin to the post of Director of the FSB and then Prime Minister (August 1999), and later President, no Izmailovskiy not hurt. On the contrary, 1999-2000, is the peak of raider captures of the enterprises of Izmailovskaya organized criminal group across the country.”

Information is available in the public domain, because to refer to the lack of information will not have to. Although there have been times when the mafia state to admit no one wanted. And this may explain the blind faith in the good king from the side of the patriots. And I not only intuition, but the dreams wouldn’t give to be deceived, for there I saw in the period of confrontation in Ukraine, a rat, cut into 2 parts, one of which was under the counter, not visible. This is stated in the predictions of Vasily nemchina (14th century).

“the seventh 15th anniversary, will be, in the opinion of the prophet, for Russia the most terrible, especially the “first 3 years of a nightmare” in 3-m and 7-m 15летии, he says, WILL be a DECISIVE BATTLE WITH SATAN ON the TERRITORY of RUS RUS, in his opinion, will be on the eve of complete collapse and destruction under the guise of restoring the ancient greatness will be destroyed then the last thing left. However, all who will be eager to power, “hopelessly divided on the bear’s head and paws,” which embodied “the spirit of the ancestors of the Russian.” If you believe Nemchinov, it will be “the blood that is associated with the fall of the green-eyed simonescu”, which is a long way to “calculate”. This man with a helmet and visor, not revealing his face. In another prophet calls him “faceless”, “swordsman”, “a man of the swamp.”

Although it is not clear who could not calculate how calculators are used. In my opinion, just didn’t want to. The prophet talked about a man sitting two tables. And then “ooh and ahh” everything is transparent and clear. Proof found today in the text of the unknown author.

“The arrival of Putin fundamentally nothing has changed. The fateful Munich speech, which so excited the West… It was really hard? “Admit that we, too, have their own interests, and then let’s talk about spheres of influence and mutual benefit”. Or is it an invitation to, as they say now, tango? Do not hurt us, we want to negotiate. And if you do not agree, we… And let yourself be honest, that all subsequent “tough decisions” in foreign policy was “ours and yours”. Russia makes a sharp “PA” and then another invitation to dance – let’s talk!

And that’s about the dog metaphor I want to talk, especially in the year of the dog. Give her honor, bosherston a little. Talking about the Titan Boris, he says: “HE will LEAVE SO THAT NO ONE WILL be expected to resign, leaving many of the unsolved mysteries”. And it will happen “after three years of filth and neglect, unbelief and searches”, after the time when “dog the children will tear Russia”.

I mean in these years (1996 -1999) in us during so-called privatization. Left to figure out who their parents are, these canine children. Look earlier predictions. “In the name of the dog head will be a boldness and execution” (Dog’s head was a symbol of the guardsmen*)” And because he is our “people have certain powers and to carry out orders of the king”, we can assume that it is the FSB, which in those years headed… look in the encyclopedia…first, Kovalev N. D, then since August 1998, Vladimir Putin Added paints watercolors of new literature from the files of OPG.

“Izmailovo support from the FSB was not only that the chief of counterintelligence of the FSB was feeding them information, “to more efficiently carry out extortion.” According to Alexander Litvinenko, in the mid-1990s, the FSB has been of great assistance (personnel, equipment, weapons ) Chop’s “Stealth”, who worked at the Izmailovskaya group.”

Therefore it becomes clear why “the FSB blows up Russia” and bursts into the office Oneksima with the annexation of the capital of the tycoon who wanted to fight for power Russia, to grasp the helm of a sinking ship. In connection with these sun rays I hope that will finally melt the snow, so did not get RF in the coffin and managed to revive and spirit and body. For it is still alive and Kicking, the spirit of the ancestors, the spirit of honor and valor that will not allow the dog’s children derbanit our land and beyond. And that’s when we finally figured out that we live in times of lawlessness, which was confirmed and Nemchin, pointing to our times as the worst for Russia, to deny the lack of Satanism is pointless. And if earlier the followers of the regime could hide behind the naivety and blindness that that does not allow them to see the obvious, but today under the weight of undeniable evidence of criminal collusion of government and organized crime groups they will have to admit that they were with them. I mean, are one body, doing one job. And others want to say “soon the younger malasarte!”That is not ruled by there balls. And because now the line of demarcation between good and evil will be much deeper. This front line will pass through the heart of every responsible citizen, since he will have to prioritize what’s important: their own satiety and safety or honour and valour. And these qualities of generosity requires us to the era of spirituality. Should we be afraid as the animals Chukovsky cockroach? The spirit of the ancestors will not allow the country to remain in the mode of pain and reign here dog hearts and paws. The bear will tear them after all. The mask-the show’s over. It should not go it, and go out!


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