Doctors will try to treat multiple sclerosis fasting


Врачи попробуют лечить рассеянный склероз голоданиемMultiple sclerosis belongs to the category of autoimmune diseases.

Can starvation mode in a day to help victims of multiple sclerosis? Scientists believe that calorie restriction reduces the expression of symptoms.

It cannot be excluded that regular fasting will give hope to people affected with multiple sclerosis. Scientists from Washington University in St. Louis believe that in this way you can reduce the severity of symptoms of an incurable neurological disease. After experiments on laboratory mice, the symptoms of multiple sclerosis significantly decreased after fasting through the day, scientists are beginning surveillance on people. They believe that changes in diet will help to manipulate the immune system.

Magicforum recalls that multiple sclerosis belongs to the category of autoimmune diseases in which the immune system becomes overactive and starts attacking its own body. Now there is the theory that the activity of the immune system can be controlled through radical changes in diet, and not just specific medications. Multiple sclerosis damages the myelin sheath of the nerves in the brain and nervous system, causing the conduction of signals from the brain to the rest of the body is disturbed. Victims of multiple sclerosis faced with the loss of coordination and loss of control over the body, which they often end up in a wheelchair.

During clinical studies half of the patients will adhere to a normal diet and the other half will go on a special diet, in which 5 days in a week they will eat normally, and the next two days to eat no more than 500 calories a day. Researchers are interested in whether these changes in the diet affect the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, as has occurred in laboratory mice.


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