Doctors told you what kind of meat the most useful


Медики рассказали, какое мясо самое полезноеChicken meat is considered to be ideal dieticheskie product.

It is considered that chicken meat is extremely beneficial to the human body. But, like any product, there are negative characteristics of the consumption of chicken.

Today we will tell you all about the benefits and harms of chicken meat.

The composition of chicken meat
Chicken meat is considered to be ideal dieticheskie product. The fact it is low calorie and high protein in the composition. So, 100 grams of chicken has only 113 calories, 23.6 grams protein, 1.9 grams of fat and 0.4 grams of carbohydrate. While chicken meat has about 70 grams of water.

Chicken is rich in various vitamins, micro and macro. For example, it contains vitamins PP, A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9 and B12, C, E, N. Chicken meat has a fairly high content of potassium, sulfur, fluorine, and there is not enough calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and cobalt.

It composition and is determined by the use of chicken meat for health. Read more about the benefits describe next.

The benefits of chicken
In addition to the composition, for the benefit of affected by the common method of cultivation. Therefore, domestic chickens reared in bigger cages in a variety of food, much better than factory. As a rule, the latter are stuffed with feed and growth stimulants, which is clearly not useful. However beneficial qualities for human health they still have.

Firstly, the chicken meat has a huge amount of valuable animal protein that benefits the body in building tissues and muscles. In the composition of the chicken has all the right amino acids to the body, a set of proteins of the cartilage and building material for fabrics. An incredible benefit of have chicken legs, which contain collagen and elastin. Consumption of these parts of a chicken will help people who suffer from joint diseases.

Second, the chicken meat is quite a lot of vitamins, to speak about the benefits of which would be, perhaps, even unnecessary. Especially necessary for the person group vitamins In, most of it is contained in the hams and wings. Also a lot of vitamins A and E, which is useful for vision and the immune system. Thirdly, it is a pure dietary product. It is easily absorbed. Particularly useful in this respect chicken breast. In this part very little fat and cholesterol. Therefore, those who are dieting and watching my weight, recommend is the chicken breast.

Fourth, chicken meat has a lot of different minerals. Thanks to them, supports the cardiovascular system, blood vessels, circulatory system.

Fifth, chicken meat has a small amount of fat-free and low in cholesterol. It gives the chicken a special benefit, especially for those who suffer from diseases of the vascular system, is on diet and nutrition.

Sixth, the chicken meat perfectly satisfies hunger. In spite of its small calorie, it is able for long time to satisfy the man. It will be helpful for losing weight.

Harm of chicken meat
But do not forget and about the negative consequences, which are the consumption of chicken meat. First of all, the harm associated with eating certain parts of a chicken. For example, the most harmful is the chicken skin. As you know, this is the fatty part of the bird that is a great harm for people who lose weight.

There is harm for people suffering from vascular diseases. The fact that chicken skin high cholesterol – the most high from all parts of the bird. It is for these two reasons losing weight and sick people should not eat the skin.

In addition, the damage is determined by the method of growing chicken. I hope you will not argue that the majority of people get chicken meat in supermarkets and other stores, rarely turning to trusted farmers. Often in factory conditions chickens are grown on synthetic feeds, and no access to sunlight and makes it so useful. Accordingly, the chicken meat contains a lot of chemicals, though we may not even know about this harm. If eating chicken is associated for you in the first place to health, it is necessary to attend to search of the farmers who grow birds under appropriate conditions. Well, or start to do it ourselves.

No less harm brings improperly handled chicken. This can lead to active proliferation of bacteria in the gut. In the future, and in the worst scenario, this leads to poisoning of the whole organism.

Harm of chicken meat can occur when the method of preparation. For example, the Kura-grill transforms some substances into the strongest carcinogens, which occurs due to the negative impact on the human body. Be harmful and smoked chicken meat, because of this method, there is excess cholesterol. The most useful chicken is the one that is welded or braised.

But let’s not forget about benefits, even when the above damage. As we said above, causes harm to the skin of chicken meat. But it can be useful if you cook on the basis of such poultry broth. It is often used for patients. The oiliness of the skin of chicken meat is very nutritious dish that promotes rapid recovery.

We must not forget that all good things must be a little. The same can be said of the chicken meat. If you over-consume this product, it is possible to cause yourself more harm than good. In the human diet must contain not only chicken meat but also other types. Then your food will be as varied and nutritious, and therefore definitely will bring health benefits.


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