Doctors told why urban residents are more likely to suffer from allergies


Медики рассказали, почему жители городов чаще страдают от аллергии Everyday stress kills a person’s energy.

Between big cities and sparsely populated villages, there is a large discrepancy: hospitals, comfortable transport, plenty of food first absolutely not help people in life: food is digested worse, and from transportation notice more harm than good.

But it turns out that in villages where less than comfortable living conditions, people are less likely to suffer from illnesses and Allergy symptoms.

Why is this happening?

High requirements of hygiene

The immune system of the villagers is stronger than that of cities. Since childhood, the residents of the cities to teach children to wash hands constantly, only double-washed fruits and not to touch stray animals. These steps do not give immunity to grow and in the event of a real threat not accustomed to the body quickly gives up.


Everyday stress kills a person’s energy. If the load is excessive, the body is not hardened and is weakening with each day tension. Starts production of histamine, which is an agent provocateur of allergic reactions.


Researchers found that children who from early childhood contact with animals less prone to Allergy attacks. If still the predisposition to allergies taped, then transferred her children easier in the future, there are fewer issues.


Residents of rural towns rarely purchase sterilized milk. People who from childhood accustomed to raw milk, do not suffer from heavy absorption of natural milk.


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