Doctors told why not to drink tea for weight loss


Медики рассказали, почему нельзя пить чай для похуденияMagic tea just yet.

Experts explained that, coupled with a healthy lifestyle and sports these teas have temporary effect. Basically, they act as ordinary drink.

“In fact, there is no such tea that helps you lose weight. This is a common story – this is just too good to be true actually,” said associate Professor Ken Harvey of the school of medicine health Monash University.

He added that the tea you can drink and live a healthy lifestyle, but the result should not count.

In turn, the representative of the dietitians Association of Australia Melanie Mackris agreed with the opinion of associate Professor. She stressed that weight loss depends on many things.

“This tea is low in calories, so if you replace high-calorie drinks tea, for you will be a plus,” said Mukhriz.

The experts recommended that anyone wishing to lose weight instead tea for weight loss buy the regular black and green tea as well as fruit and vegetables.


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