Doctors told, who can’t eat almonds


Almonds are often called the most useful of all nuts. However, like any product, it still has harmful properties. Writes about them

Overeating any product is unhealthy, it may cause poisoning or an allergic reaction to the word almonds is active allergen, reports the with reference to

But almond is much more complicated and dangerous. Is strictly contraindicated immature bitter almonds. The impact of such almonds in the body can be disastrous. The fact that bitter almond contains poisonous hydrocyanic acid. Upon receipt of almond oil the acid evaporates. This acid is used in small quantities in order to homeopathic medicines for asthma, diphtheria and other diseases.

The almond belongs to the group of high-calorie foods, so even if its useful properties, the weight increase he can very easily and quickly.

Also almonds are contraindicated for people with abnormal heart rhythm and impaired function of the nervous system.


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