Doctors told, who benefits from a late dinner


It all depends on lifestyle.

Nutritionists draw attention to the fact that the evening meal depends on your schedule and lifestyle, writes the with reference on the people the truth.

“Three hours is the ideal time that should separate the dinner from the sleep. In this case, the food will have time to fully digest and you will not fall asleep with a full stomach,” — says nutritionist and Creator of the blog The Effect Farah Farah Hafad.

At the same time, a nutritionist and author of the book “Three steps to recovery” Alice Ramsey advised to adhere to such rule: eat not too often, but every 4-5 hours.

Often we eat not because we want to eat. It can be an optional dinner for “company” or because “it’s time”.

However, it is important to learn to listen to your body and hunger. When you are really hungry – the body signals that feeling of lack of energy. However, if you are hungry – it will retain calories in the form of extra fat.

The majority of dietitians in the world recommend eating a heavy dinner. And this is a logical recommendation. When you are going to sleep, your body gradually shuts down and just not able to efficiently digest too much high-calorie, fatty foods.

In addition, too heavy dinner leaves “extra inches” waist, and reduces the metabolic rate. Indeed, instead of rebuild, your blood is directed towards the stomach and helps digestion. How to check that your meal has a negative impact on the rate of metabolism? Easy: in this case, you will feel extreme fatigue and lack of energy in the morning.


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