Doctors told which varieties of honey are more dangerous


Do not abuse them.

Doctors have warned that beloved and well-known honey is not only useful, but in some cases has properties hazardous to health and life, reports the with reference to Comments.

Honey has long been considered almost drug, so it is used preventively and in the treatment of many diseases. This product is antibacterial, antimicrobial effects, antitumor and antioxidant. Honey in traditional and alternative medicine cures throat infection, asthma, inflammation on the skin, tuberculosis, ulcers and many other diseases of various etiologies.

However, doctors believe that despite the many nutrients which are included in the composition of honey, not all varieties are equally useful.

We are talking about fake honey, floral, buckwheat and some others.

The fact that plants from which bees collect pollen, can be potentially dangerous to humans. So, for insects, for example, rosemary and asesoria — dangerous flowers, the honey of which can lead to death.

Also Linden honey contains cheap, which is extremely useful for the disinfection of wounds, but adversely affects the body with poor blood clotting, which can cause excessive bleeding. Flower honey is useful, however, is detrimental to Allergy sufferers and people with cardiovascular diseases. Buckwheat honey is absolutely contraindicated in diabetics, as is half fructose and glucose, with severe consequences at his hand.

Therefore, doctors recommend to consume honey very carefully.


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