Doctors told what symptoms indicate the onset of cancer


Медики рассказали, какие симптомы свидетельствуют о начале ракаThese symptoms do not have govoroyat about cancer.

A group of oncologists have conducted a number of studies and on their basis built the list of symptoms that may indicate cancer development at an early stage.

Therefore, experts hope to gain time, because at an early stage the disease is easily treatable, and if patients self-diagnose the illness yourself, and then go to the doctor, they will have the chance to get rid of the disease.

According to doctors, the probable development of the cancer may indicate symptoms such as rapid weight loss, headaches, increased sleepiness and fatigue, temperature spikes, and also bouts of dizziness. In addition, experts advise to be vigilant in case of any problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

However, researchers are reminded that these symptoms do not have govoroyat about the cancer, because they can be signs of fatigue or other ailments, however when detected you must obratitsja to the doctor, which will help to understand the situation.


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