Doctors told what joints are the easiest to damage


Медики рассказали, какие суставы легче всего повредить Not all joints of the body equally strong.

Scientists Isabelle Cambré and Dirk Elewaut of the centre for the study of inflammation, VIB-UGent found that the key factors damage to the joints are biomechanical forces. In order to draw conclusions, the scientists examined bone erosions, which were caused by inflammation.

Scientists have identified certain “hot” points in the musculoskeletal system, where you often have inflammation and erosion of joints. These places are especially sensitive to mechanical stress and also explain the clinical picture of the damaged joints in patients.

Through research, scientists have found that there are mechanisms that are associated with the release of some inflammatory mediators. Among them secrete chemokines that arise as a response to mechanical stress.

“Our results largely explain the heterogeneous nature of the inflammation of joints in arthritis and the clinical picture of the damage to the joints. We are currently trying to unravel the main ways of contributing to this inflammation,” – say the scientists.


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