Doctors told what is the use of dates


Dates are a real “super”.

Doctors say that if you regularly add this product to your diet, you can avoid many ailments, say doctors. The dates attributed to Wellness and anti-aging properties, according to the with reference to

In addition, this fruit is a great substitute for treats — he’s very sweet.

In Phoenicia a unique amino acid tryptophan, necessary for normal functioning of the brain and of the human psyche. It is also called amino acid good mood. In addition, it helps slow the ageing of cells in the body. Doctors recommend to use dates for normalization of sleep and meet the daily requirement for copper, sulphur, and magnesium.

Eating dates is useful in cardiovascular diseases, during colds. There is a legend that in Phoenicia the whole complex of substances necessary for proper human nutrition. In a number of tales reported cases of people are eating only dates and water for several years.

Dates — edible fruit of some species of date palms. Since ancient times used as a high value food product. The sale usually comes as a dried fruit.

Note that people with elevated blood sugar should treat the dates with caution. It should also be remembered that this high-calorie product, so they should not be abused in the presence of excess weight.


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