Doctors told than junk snacks


Медики рассказали, чем вредны готовые снэкиStore the muesli bars – not the ideal snack during a busy day.

Want to be healthy eat correctly. As evidenced by the polls, half of Ukrainians spend for lunch less than an hour, besides eating hastily and eat cold food. What is the danger for the body? Diana was a University student. Due to the busy training schedule to lunch time do not have time. Instead of harmful sandwiches she eats granola bars.

“They said that the longer bars help to be well-fed, but apparently didn’t work with me. Every time I’m hungry ate the granola bar, I wanted more and more,” says the girl.

Nutritionist notes: bars with added cereal, despite promised by the producers of high nutritional value, satisfy your hunger not capable.

“We see there are already flattened the grain, which is called “empty calories”. It is a carbohydrate that does not carry any nutritional value for our body”, – says Lyudmila Potter.

From the constant use of such Goodies, you can get better, says nutritionist. Extra pounds increase also from store-bought juice. Larisa Karpova have personally seen.

“I recently decided to try the juice diet. I had four days to alternate juice – in the morning, afternoon and evening. It was quite difficult. I wanted to lose three pounds. Imagine my surprise when I saw on the scales instead of minus three to plus two,” the woman said.

Nutritionist says: all juices, except tomato, contain glucose. But in large quantities it is harmful.

“Due to the excess of sugars is typed in, the excess body weight. Because this amount of our body does not assimilate sugars,” said nutrition specialist.


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