Doctors told than an extra hour of sleep useful to teenagers


Медики рассказали, чем лишний час сна полезен подросткамAn extra hour of sleep protects from mental disorders.

The journal Sleep Health published the results of a new study, authored by scientists from the University of Minnesota. The researchers came to the conclusion that just one extra hour of sleep is enough to protect many adolescents from developing mental disorders and addictions.

The object of study of specialists of steel 2000 adolescents. Experts analyzed how much their subjects usually went to sleep and awoke during the school week. Teenagers also were tested, which allowed to identify the symptoms of mental disorders, particularly depression.

Standards of health suggest that adolescents are sleeping eight to ten hours a day. In reality, young people are sleeping less. The creators of the work believe that sleep deprivation among adolescents is prevalent because of the traditional hours of sleep and waking are too sketchy and do not meet the real needs of the body.

“It is believed that adolescents should sleep at around 11 PM and be up before 8 am. However, many of them can’t support this format, these children are constantly in a state dzhetlaga that disrupts their inner biological clock” – was the opinion of the experts.

They believe that it suffers from the brain of adolescents and, consequently, increases the risk of mental disorders. This problem can become an extra hour of sleep, experts are convinced.

“The analysis of the information collected showed that an additional hour of sleep in the morning allowed the teenagers less stressed, reduced anxiety and made less pronounced by five of the six symptoms of depression. Mental stress in adolescents decreased by 25%, anxiety 32%,” stated the authors of the project.


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