Doctors told, in what position is better to work on the computer


How to organize the workplace.

The modern man is hostage to a sedentary lifestyle, which adversely affects the health and well-being.
Sedentary sedentary lifestyle inevitably leads to extra pounds, and a daily standing for three hours provides burning 144 calories. Thus, if you change the way of life and to spend on your feet for three hours longer than usual, during the year, you can get rid of three or four pounds.

The heart and blood vessels
The expert from the United States conducted an analysis of the lives of 17 million Americans and came to the conclusion that the risk of heart attack and heart disease was higher by 54% among those who had worked sitting down.

Back pain and neck
A sedentary life leads to osteoarthritis and posture, pain in the neck and back. To avoid problems will help work standing up.


In 2012, Thomas Yates from the University of Leicester (England) found that a sedentary lifestyle is one cause of kidney disease. So, the scientist found that women who sit less than three hours a day, the disease kidneys are 30% less likely than the ladies who spend in a seated position for eight hours or more.


One of sospirolo, studying body language, determined that it is in “strong positions” produces more testosterone and less cortisol (“hormone of death”), which contributes to mental and emotional activity. The standing position is usually a “strong position”.


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