Doctors told how to reduce the pressure to avoid stroke


Sudden changes in temperature adversely affect the health of hypertensive patients.

How to survive the extremes of weather for people with chronic diseases, said the cardiologist Anna Soloshenko, reports the with reference to

According to the cardiologist, to maintain the normal pressure and protect blood vessels and internal organs, there are two types of drugs.

The first type of drugs that are taking hypertensive crises, are drugs “in the ambulance”, they are quickly taken under the tongue and greatly reduce pressure. For example, it is captopress or drops Pharmacien. Intramuscular injections are no better, but rather are slower, they are more difficult to dose and often complications, stresses A. Soloshenko.

According to the cardiologist, the second type of drugs are antihypertensive drugs. They are soft, their effect starts immediately, but after a certain period of time. They have a lasting impact, they have a cumulative effect, not reduce the pressure, and with regular use prevent the pressure increase.

“It is important to remember that crises for relief are not suitable antihypertensive drugs. Conversely, for constant regular use is not suitable medicines “on the ambulance”. When crises cannot be very sharply to relieve the pressure because there is a threat of stroke. To reduce the pressure can not more than 40 mm Hg. the article in the first hours. For example, if the pressure was 180/100, is to reduce it to a 140/80 and not to 110/70 mm Hg” — warned A. Soloshenko.


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