Doctors told how to identify autumn depression


Медики рассказали, как опознать осеннюю депрессиюNever underestimate the power of this disease.

Sometimes unresolved in a timely manner, depression may be hazardous to human health, and in more extreme situations – even for life. This statement was made by Bulgarian psychologist Beads Borisov.

According to the psychologist, depression can be one of the factors that motivate a person to suicide, but not to do direct link between depression and suicide. Borisov explained that depression is not the only possible reason why people may start to think about the end of life.

She pointed out that the word depression has taken a very broad sense, is often used without any case of depression, but only a change in the mood for any situation or disappointment. According to the psychologist, do not rush to diagnose. Borisov said that the depressed person begins to feel a loss of energy, loss of interest in everyday activities in life and sometimes it is accompanied by a feeling of sadness.

“You can get difficulties with concentration, self-criticism, a feeling of hopelessness, physical complaints that are often associated with symptoms of spring or autumn fatigue – irritability and difficulty in making decisions,” – said the psychologist.

According to her, in extreme cases, you may be thinking about suicide, but we are talking about clinical depression in severe. Borisov said that for the prevention of depression it is good to start to take more vitamins, fruits and vegetables.

“We need more fresh air, quiet thoughts, and to deal with their favorite things such as Hobbies in my spare time. Body and mind must adapt to the next season and should not be overloaded with a large amount of work, ” – said Borisov.

In line with this, if you start to feel overwhelmed, perhaps it’s just fatigue. “If the situation deteriorates, and we feel that we go down and start to dive into some of the negative emotional States that affect our daily duties and our dream for about two weeks, it is better to consult a specialist to avoid more serious consequences” – the advice to Borisov.


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