Doctors told how to eat in the cold season


Врачи подсказали,  как правильно питаться в холодное время годаDaily diet should contain vegetable and animal fats in equal proportions.

With the onset of cold weather it is important to pay more attention to the quantity and quality of fat in the diet, which perform many functions in the human body. This was told by the nutritionist Svetlana FUS.

According to her, the fact that proper nutrition and fats are incompatible, because spoil the figure a myth. The human body needs fat, it is important not to overdo it and to choose the right fats.

About a third of the daily calories must come from fats per 1 kg of weight of the person is normal size it will be about 1 gram of fat. That is, the rate is no more than 60-70 grams of fat a day.

The diet will be balanced if its calorie content is provided in the following proportions:
– carbohydrates make up 55-60%, in particular, “simple” carbohydrates (no more than 10%);
– proteins – 15-20%,
– the proportion of fat – 25-30%.

Daily diet should contain vegetable and animal fats in equal proportions.

The fat content in everyday products:

– 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 25 g of fat;
– 20 g of butter contain 15 g of fat;
– 100 g of cheese 5% or 30 g of cheese 17% fat percentage of fat is 5 grams;
– in a glass of milk or kefir (3.2% fat) will contain 8 g of fat;
– lean beef (100 g) fat total 17 g;
– fish average fat content (a portion is 140 g) – 5-10 g of fat.

To products that contain beneficial fats include: nuts, olives, avocado, vegetable oil (corn, linseed, sunflower, soybean, olive), salmon, mackerel and sardines.


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