Doctors told how to eat after 50 years


Медики подсказали, как правильно питаться после 50 летDoctors have proven that after 50 years need to eat differently.

The weakest link in the body of the people after 50 years is bones.

Over the years, they begin to lose calcium and become more fragile than. Why is this happening?

There are several reasons. First, the production of estrogen decreases with age. Namely, this hormone helps keep the bone mass in good condition. In the second, changes the acidity in the body. Due to malnutrition is higher. This negatively affects the abilities of the bones to retain calcium.

Specialist of the Institute of nutrition Elena Voronina said that the body easier absorb calcium, which it gets from food than from drugs.
“It is important to know what foods are good for bones and enter them in the diet, says dietitian Elena Voronina. –

Here is a list of products that must be in the diet of those who are 50 years and older: milk, cheese, dried fish with bones, dairy products

In addition, Elena Voronina advises everyone to drink plenty of water. Because the liquid washes away from the body decay products and toxins.


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