Doctors told how to deal with joint pain without pills


Медики подсказали, как справиться с болью в суставах без таблетокDoctors told which foods will help with arthritis.

Marine fish and seafood can help to fight rheumatoid arthritis.

This is stated in a new study in the field of rheumatoid arthritis (RA), conducted by the American specialists.

People with RA who were included in the menu is fish meals at least 2 times a week, noticed a decrease in joint pain and reduce the swelling.

Experts examined the menu volunteers, patients with rheumatoid arthritis and came to the conclusion that marine fish and seafood consumed separately, and not as an ingredient in a salad or other dish, help with RA. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease in which there is chronic inflammation in the connective tissue of the joints. Most often the disease affects the joints of knees, hands, ankles, ankles.

Contained in marine fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, herring, etc.) and shellfish omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for joints, reducing swelling and reducing pain. Those patients with arthritis who always included the fish and seafood on the menu, I noticed that the disease becomes less active. Than those study participants who rarely ate fish or not eat it at all.

Thus, fish that are used not less than a couple of times a week can help to reduce the manifestation of arthritis and to improve the daily lives of patients with RA. In the study, experts took into account a number of factors that affect the results of the health outcomes of people with RA are age, gender, body weight, medications used, family status, psychological state, etc.

The health outcomes were estimated on a special scale: it was found that regular intake of sea fish performance improved by one-third value that indicates the remission of the disease – that is, the weakening of the symptoms of the disease. The researchers note that these figures clinically very important.

Doctors recommend eating fish boiled, baked or stewed steamed, not fried: in the product retained a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids.


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